Saturday, October 29, 2011

Travel Plans

Hey Everyone!

I'm writing this post about my travel plans partly because I'm super excited and partly to make sure there are no holes (just kidding, my plans are flawless)...

Okay! First, on Monday, I will go to DIS and print any final things I need (such as city maps and hostel reservations). Then I will make my way to Central Station and hopefully finish with everything else early enough to catch a 10ish train so that I will arrive in Hamburg at 14.30. I then will spend the afternoon in Hamburg and will prolly just walk around a little and try to see a few things. Then I have to make my way back to the train station and catch a night train at 21ish to Munich. Then I spend the night on the train and arrive at 7.00 on Tuesday.

Then I have to catch a train at 7.20ish to Vienna and will arrive around noon. Then I will meet up with a friend and I'm spending Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in Vienna. There are a lot of things to see there so we're pretty pumped for that leg of the journey. We are also staying at this hostel that looks pretty great. We have a private room and the hostel has lots of neat facilities like pool (Erik I'm going to practice so much, I prolly won't even explore the city) and Foosball! The hostel is very like ecofriendly and bragged about that a lot online (I can dig it). It is also right up against a forest with trails and stuff. Not really sure if I'll have time for that, but it at least sounds like a nice location.

Then I leave Friday morning for Salzberg which is supposed to be very pretty. I will be staying there on my own for 2 days and exploring. Salzberg is also where the Sound of Music was filmed for anyone who doesn't know (that should give you an okay idea of what the place looks like). The hostel I'm staying at apparently plays the movie everyday at 10.30 (which I found hilarious).

Then Sunday morning I continue to Munich and will explore for 3 days. I will definitely make an effort to try some beer (Vivek told me I had to) and to meet some people at the hostels. Apparently it is ridiculously easy (to meet people).

I then leave on Wednesday morning for Berlin and will explore there for three days. Then finally I will leave on Saturday morning and go to Hamburg (eat lunch) and then continue to Copenhagen and I'll get back around 20.00 on Saturday night.

So that's the plan. 3 days Vienna, 2 days Salzberg, 3 days Munich, 3 days Berlin, home (plus an afternoon in Hamburg). So overall, 13 days (2 of travel to and from Copenhagen). Additionally, because I will not use up all my travel days on my Eurorail pass, I'm going to try to do a weekend trip with a friend to Germany for one of the Christmas markets in late November or early December which would be really cool to see.

I will be staying in only hostels and will be sleeping in rooms with strangers for 3 out of the 4 hostels (4-6 people a room) and will also be mostly on my own for 3 of the cities. I am quite excited to be on my own and kinda planned it that way. Furthermore, I do not have a suitcase, only my heavy clothes and a backpack which holds all my clothes, travel documents and random accessories. (I will have to rent linen and towels from the hostels)

The trip is overall quite expensive but I'm also not doing it as cheap as possible and am still doing it fairly cheaply. I'm not sure what the final price will be but at the end of the trip I'll let you guys know.

I have 2 hefty books for reading material and my ipod and charger. My ipod is full of podcasts and music. I plan to be never bored on the train (I'm not sure how I ever could be because trains are too awesome). In fact, I'm very excited about this method of travel because I just find it a lot less stressful way to travel (no airports involved) and I'll be able to see lots of countryside which I will love (that is why I am leaving in the morning for going to every place (except for the one overnight), so that I can see lots of neat things on the way).

Oh and about the couchsurfing. I looked into it but just was not comfortable doing it on my first trip like this. Additionally, I don't have any references yet and they like you to have a few before you start actually couch surfing (or get verified which I need to be at home for). So I might try to meet up with someone from for coffee or something because you can do that. That way I can get an idea of things to see in the city and will get some references on my profile. So yeah, it will be only hostels for me on this journey but I will be on my own quite a bit so I feel like I'm still doing quite a bit to get out of my comfort zone and explore. But I'm not ready for couches yet. Maybe next time.

Also I like my plan because I get to spend a good amount of time in each of the 4 cities I am visiting. I've talked to a lot of DIS kids about their travel plans (because everyone asks eachother constantly even though you can never remember because everyone is going to different places in different orders) and some people are going to like 8 places in 14 days all by plane. Sounds pretty hectic to me. Obviously the mentality is that they want to go to as many of the major cities as possible in order to be able to say they've been to them but it doesn't seem like you'd really get a feel for the city of even be able to see that much unless you stayed for at least 2 nights. I even heard of one group who on some days will land late morning spend a few hours in the city and then catch another flight later that day. If you ask me, that sounds pretty kray kray. Although, most people are going to 4-6 places it sounds like. But yeah, just wanted to share that.

So those are my plans, not too exciting of a post, I'm sure the post-travel post(s) and pictures will be more exciting. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Also the sun just set. It is 17.38 (5:38 PM). Tonight we fall back an hour... The sun will set at 4:30ish tomorrow... I don't leave for 7ish weeks... Yup.


P.S. Erik, I will write a post on Positive Psychology perhaps (might have to wait till after the trip) tonight or tomorrow cuz I think it is pretty interesting (and I would love the opportunity to just explain it anyways).

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Culture Night!

Hey Everyone,

Thought I'd do a shorter post tonight before going to sleep. It is about... Culture Night!

Culture Night is an event in Copenhagen that occurs once a year. Essentially you buy a Culture Night pass for about 18$ and it allows you access to transportation for free for the entire evening and access to all culture night events. The large majority of them are free. Basically any organization that wants to (especially churches, museums, and anything related to culture (duh)) has events that go on that night. The event is from 18-24 (6pm to midnight for all you non military time speakers) which means that many places are opened way past their normal hours giving people a unique opportunity to go to these places that may normally be hard to access (because they work during the day or whatever) and makes it easy to travel around the city and see multiple sites. Additionally, because it is a special night, many places have special modifications to what they have to offer. In other words, some places may just extend their hours but other places do exciting things. Some examples of events are, getting to explore the Danish Parliament building (something you cannot normally do), getting to go into a medieval basement of an ancient church that people outside of the church are only allowed into during culture night, being able to explore Rosenburg castle with flashlights, and so many more exciting things! Seriously, the program for Culture Night I received had so many things to do. The city also gets really packed as people come from outside to experience the culture.

Anyway, I think that Culture Night is a really great idea. I went with a couple friends to the zoo... and the zoo only. Which was kind of a bummer because there were so many places to go. But they really wanted to go to the zoo and it normally costs 40$ to get in... Also I was quite limited on time because I had to go volunteer for DIS (which meant that I got a free pass). I basically got to go to the zoo for free. So anyway we went around the zoo at night which was pretty cool because a lot of the nocturnal animals were more active (including the tigers which were running all over the place). So that was kind of cool to see and then we walked back to where we needed to be and there were people everywhere. Then we spotted a free soup stand and were of course all over that.

We then got to the DIS event. I helped run the bar that sold hot drinks in a DIS courtyard. The main attraction was a haunted house though. It was crazy, we had a line out of the courtyard that was like an hour wait to get into the courtyard and then another line inside the place which was another hour (also we had no bathroom for these people). I was like what the heck people it is culture night why are you willing to wait two hours for a fairly poor haunted house (it was just like four rooms and a one night thing run entirely by DIS volunteers). My friend was one of the volunteers though and she apparently had a great time making Danish people flip out. We also helped Danish people make smores (they do not have gram crackers here though so we had to use biscuit cookies) and carve pumpkins. So the DIS event was surprisingly successful.

Anyway, that was Culture Night. Overall, cool idea I think. Also quick commentary on Halloween. I have heard that it is relatively new here (but also that people have been trick-or-treating for years(?)) and I asked my host family if their kids are going to trick-or-treat and they said no but they are going to a Halloween party. Also many kids do not trick-or-treat because it is seen as begging. Not knowing what this meant I ignored it and found out later that nowadays kids often go around and ask for money instead of candy (which makes it very clear why it might be seen as begging...) but apparently 20 years or so ago they got candy. If you're confused, don't worry, I am too. What I do know is that many kids do not trick-or-treat and that many houses do not give candy, and that some kids ask for money, and that some houses give money in the absence of candy. Therefore, many kids and teens and older people go to parties for Halloween nowadays (instead of just teens and older).

Anyway, that is culture night and some Halloween traditions in Denmark. If you're interested in Culture Night I strongly suggest looking it up because it's a neat tradition and there are a lot of things that are offered and it can be cool just to see all the attractions that are offered on that night (especially for an extremely affordable price!).

I am also in the process of trying to plan a large trip right now and I'm not sure what I'm going to do or how it is actually going to work out. I will of course report when I do know. It is for a 2 week break that we DIS students get in order to travel around.

Also I have been crazy busy since I returned from Scotland and I am now basically done with important academic things until classes resume in mid-November so that is a huge relief. I also went to my host family's summer house this weekend with them so I will prolly blog about that sometime soon. Also I missed the window for going to Tivoli in the Halloween season which I'm majorly bummed about because it looked really cool. Also, it has started to get really annoyingly cold from time to time (depending on time of day and wind); I had to whip out my winter jacket for the first time tonight and was cold (although was not using the combo of long underwear, jacket, and winter jacket so I can still handle much colder). So yeah that is what is going on in my life.

I hope you guys are getting some rain and some cool weather.

Talk to you again soon! (Hopefully)


And Kynan, yes I would say that meditation central is a commonly accepted nickname for Europe and I am very surprised you have not come across it before. And I think I have just encountered it because of my Positive Psych class and meditation's focus on experiencing positive emotions and relaxation. And I don't know what else to say about the drunken scotsmen... they were drunk, and weird. I did not join the cult, I'm not much into them.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Scotland! (Part III)

Alright everyone, time for Part III!

So Thursday night... we decided to go out to a bar. I really wanted to play pool and there was a bar that we knew had pool tables (but we had not been in yet). So we went there and got some drinks. As soon as we did we were approached by a drunken (older) Scottish man who began to sing to us. Several more drunk Scots then approached us (noticing that we were not locals) and began to ask us lots of questions about where we were from. These people had very very thick accents and were sometimes very difficult to understand. The first guy continued to sing songs (mostly older American songs) and then fist bumped us frequently at scattered intervals. We entertained their questions for while and I told the singing man (after he had calmed down, and fist bumped us, and then gave all five of us hugs...) to take it easy at which point he launched into singing Take It Easy by the Eagles (and he had only just finished singing Motown...). Yeah... 
I found out later that there was a young couple there who were having relationship problems and the girl was asking my friend for relationship advice (strange...) while her boyfriend was literally 5 feet away apologizing. There were also many other Scottish people there who were just locals and not quite as eccentric but we did not talk to them until the end of our visit. We eventually started playing pool and that was fun but towards the end this one guy (in his twenties) who had not talked to us yet became interested in another friend I was with... So he came over and was obviously quite drunk and began to question her about where she was from. Then he noticed me and asked where I was from. Upon hearing Texas his face lit up and he said something about guns and shooting. And I said yes many Texans have guns and my friend informed me that he was asking if we shoot gay people in Texas. I was like no! and then he asked if I was gay and I said no... do you think I am? and he said sort of. I asked him why but he was not able to give a coherent response and instead decided to shake my hand.

So... at that point we had had enough and decided it was time to leave. On the way out I talked to two older Scottish men who were friendly and they thanked us for coming in and told us to have a good visit (so not everyone we talked to was quite so eccentric). 

So that was a fun experience, but obviously quite strange. So then we went back to the hotel and I hung out with people a little and then retired to my room. Asa then came back while I was watching TV and we just hung out (for the only night of the trip that Asa did not go out partying) and watched TV which was nice.
The next morning (Friday) we woke up and then walked a ways to a Buddist mediation center and participated in a meditation session. It was very relaxing (duh). I think pretty much everyone in my class liked it. After that we were going to go to an art museum but it was not open yet so the group split up and I went with a lot of people and one tour leader to Loch Lomond (the same place we had dinner in the first post). It was supposed to be really pretty and we would be actually able to see it during the day. So we rode the train for awhile and then walked around the Loch (it was pretty). When it came time for lunch we split up again and I went with some friends and the tour leader to a cafe that was on the water(ish). We had a nice lunch and our tour leader bought us desserts(which were delicious) just because she is nice. We then went back to the train station and hopped from train to train to hurry to our last academic visit (we were almost late).

The last visit was called InnerSpace and is a place that does some meditation (a little differently) and gives people a place to relax and reflect. Sounds nice, but then we found out that it was a center that was somewhat based on belief. Also, scientific evidence was cited during the lecture that did not make sense to us and seemed made up. We asked many questions that everyone felt like were not adequately answered or dodged. We then participated shortly in their meditation which involved thinking (rather than the traditional emptying or clearing of the mind), listening to one of the presenters say positive statements through a microphone, and looking at the forehead of the presenter (which is where her soul was supposed to be located). The visit ended with us receiving a treat from the main presenter that was "baked with love."

So yeah interesting experience not very many people enjoyed it and many afterwards made fun of it and referred to it as a cult. I however thought that it was a worthwhile visit/experience as there were things to be learned from it. Obviously the organization worked for some people because it had something like 80,000 members world wide. There were also benefits that could be gained from participation in the organization (such as potentially relaxation and community) that did not require one to believe the things the organization said were truths about the world (such as the soul being in the forehead). So... kooky place, but I thought there were some elements that could be taken away. I think most of the people in my class were so turned off by the negative things from the start they weren't in a mindset that could consider the potentially positive elements that could be extracted from the visit (if there were any).

After that we went to our final fancy (seriously, I don't know how DIS took us to that many nice places) group dinner. We ate some good food and I talked to some people that I hadn't as much yet so that was a good time. Afterwards, there was a plan for most of the class to go out together so I went to the grocery with friends to buy some alcohol to drink while hanging out with people before we went out. Generally it was a good time, I played spoons and then just talked to people who asked strange questions and told me interesting things (influenced strongly by the alcohol). Then we left for a club (which was really far away). Once we got there not everyone in our group was let in because many of us were not dressed nicely enough. So the majority of the group left and found another club. Most of the people went in but I did not because the music sounded weird plus I was not that interested anyways. So I went with a few friends on a search for a fried Mars bar. Unfortunately everything that was still open did not make the legendary fried Mars bars so we eventually returned to the hotel defeated (I was the only one who cared). We retired to our respective rooms and I watched some TV before crashing. I have no idea what time the party goers returned, but it was late. 

The following morning we awoke and packed and got on the bus and slept on the way to the airport in Edinburgh.We were given money for lunch and had time to kill in the airport so many people bought lunch and a few souvenirs.We then flew through London (customs was extremely quick unlike when we had to go through London on the way to Edinburgh) and then home to Copenhagen. Everyone was quite tired and ready to get home.

So that concludes my Scotland journey! Everyone had a good time! Friendships were made/strengthened. Stories were made! Things were seen! Things were learned! Right. Well, if anyone has any questions or wants me to talk more about something, leave me a comment!

I hope everyone is doing well at home. I am going to go to my host family's summer house tomorrow evening and spend the weekend with them there so I am looking forward to that. I am planning on making Oreo Balls with my host siblings and enjoying my time relaxing with my host family. However I still have a lot of work so I am trying to get some of that done at the same time. And I still have to plan my two week break. Ugh. Busy times.

Everyone make Sam update her blog.

Talk to you guys again soon!


Also I hope everyone noticed that even in Scotland, not once did I need a bubble shield.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Scotland! (Part II)

Alright everyone! Time for (the greatly anticipated) Part II! 

First off, I want to apologize for the delay, I have had a quite busy week during which I had a major grade due in every class. However, it is done, I finished today. Things went well for the most part but it was very very busy. Oh I was also minorly sick (thanks to one girl on the Scotland trip who got the majority of our class sick) which didn't help anything.

Anyway, Scotland!

So, we woke up Wednesday morning (still in Edinburgh) and walked towards the Royal Mile. The Royal Mile is a place that was introduced to us on Monday but I forgot to mention it in the earlier blog post. It is a street that has very many shops and famous buildings on it. When you guys look that the pictures of Scotland that my friend Rosemary took on facebook, you will see many pictures of me and my class walking in a street, the street was prolly the Royal Mile. It is very famous and has many things there, like a really amazing cathedral, it is very close to the Scottish parliament, has a huge stone heart (picture on facebook) that people spit on (there is a legend that if you spit on the heart then you will return to Edinburgh at some point in your life so a lot of people spit on it on Monday because we all already wanted to come back), yeah. If any of you do find yourself in Edinburgh at some point and you see that heart, don't stand on it for a picture because it is a very gross heart (many tourist couples do not know that..).

Anyway, we went to a swanky hotel near the Royal Mile where we had a meeting with Geoff Huggins who is a Scottish Government employee who works in the mental health part of the government he essentially told us about the plan for the Scottish government (I think I mentioned that earlier). He was quite cynical and informed us that the Scottish government wasn't actually doing that much with positive psychology other than funding smaller organizations (like the PlayField Institute mentioned in my last post). He also said that Martin Seligman (the father of Positive Psychology and former president of the American Psychological Association) was a not nice person and asked for a very large sum to help the Scottish government with the plan, which they said no thank you to. We had been lead to believe that Seligman had done a lot with that plan so we were shocked to learn that he was not involved and that Positive Psychology was not a big part of the plan... Anyway, he was an interesting person to see. He was quite smart and knew a ton and gave us a viewpoint of improving overall mental health from a governmental standpoint which was good for us to get. After talking to the class about it later, the visit got very mixed reviews as some people really didn't like him (found him rude and boring) while other people really enjoyed him for his honesty.

After that visit we were released onto the streets of Edinburgh to conduct street interviews. We were supposed to approach at least five Scottish people and ask them questions about well-being such as, "How do you define happiness?" and, "what are your strengths?" and, "what qualities lead to a successful positive relationship?" I personally did not like these interviews because we just approached people on the street and asked them if we could interview them. Then we blindsided them with these opened questions that were not super easy to answer without some thought. But what we generally found was that the Scottish people were content and enjoyed their lives and that many placed a large value on their relationships. Nothing too surprising. 

We still had a large amount of time on our own in the city so we went to a restaurant and got some Scottish food. Apparently the Scottish love deep fried things so I got a deep fried pizza and a milkshake, which was good(ish) but interesting. My friend got deep fried haggis. If you don't know what haggis is, I suggest you do a wikipedia search. It is a very Scottish food. One thing we were unable to try which I really wanted to try (this lead to a desperate search on Friday night at midnight) was a deep fried Mars bar. I am quite bummed that I never got to try one. It is extremely unhealthy. After lunch we split up and I went with one friend on some adventures, including climbing the tower that you can see me (getting attacked by wind) at the the top of on facebook. That was a really cool tower and gave a great view of the city. We then went back to the hotel for another academic visit. 

The room was horrendously hot so many people were falling asleep and having a rough time concentrating... but we got this presentation from a women who was working on improving mental health on college campuses in Scotland. The information we received there felt like it was mostly common sense but it was still interesting to think about. She worked with a program that essentially was increasing awareness and resources for students who just started college who were having difficulties with starting the college lifestyle, as can happen with many people when they first start college... 

After that we went to a cafe where JK Rowling worked and like invented Harry Potter so that was neat. And the cafe was really cool and had elephants everyone. We then left when it was time and had dinner at a fairly fancy place (apparently DIS really wanted to treat us on these trips in terms of food) and that was fun. My group (when I say group I mean the people I usually hung out with) ate with one of our tour leaders so it was cool to talk to her during the meal. Afterwards we went back to our hotel. Many people were going out that night and Asa invited me but I just wanted to go to a bar (not a club). So I went with a couple people to a bar and we drank a little (not very much Mom... chill) and played spoons. We went back to the hotel with the intention of finding the rest of our class so that we could hang out with them but we had just missed them (we found out later that they really wanted to hang with us). So that was a bummer so I just hung out with people for a little while watching TV and then went back to my room.

Thursday morning was interesting as Asa was still drunk from the activities of the previous night. We had to wake up, pack quickly and bring our luggage upstairs because we were checking out. We were then going to go on a hike to Arthur's Seat but it was raining fairly heavily and we left late, so we only walked through the town to the base of the hike and turned around which made some people very grumpy (I was just happy to go on a walk). We then loaded all our stuff on the bus and went to Glasglow! It was a great bus ride because everyone was exhausted so we all slept.

Once in Glasglow we checked into our hotel and then walked (a very long walk) to lunch and then our academic visit for that day. Lunch was at the Willow Tea Rooms (not the famous one but their second restaurant) and we enjoyed some sandwiches and fancy, delicious deserts. I also just had a great time at lunch cuz everyone was at my table was in a really good mood and generally being hilarious. After that we went to the academic visit (was quite a walk), GoWell. I really enjoyed this visit because everything we had talked about in our Positive Psychology course was applicable at the individual level but GoWell was focused much more at applying Positive Psychology from a more macro, group view. The organization was studying the effects of housing developments on well-being on some populations in Glasglow. The organization studied the effects of relocation and housing improvements as it related to well-being. I found it very interesting and won't go into it in great depth here but I enjoyed the visit.

After that we had time on our own so we went back to the hotel and got our rooms. Then I went out with some friends which ended up as not super fun because they wanted to go shopping so that happened for awhile... bleh. But eventually we went to get dinner and had a Chinese buffet (we were all looking for something a little different) which was actually pretty good (and really expensive). We then went back to the hotel and ran into our group on the way back. They said they were going to go to a bar much later and we should join them (we ended up not finding them because the bar they were going to go to was closed...) So with time to kill we decided to go to a bar ourselves... which turned out to be a very interesting experience...

I'll pick up there next time for the third and final, exciting entry about Scotland!

I should post that one soon. Like tomorrow or Wednesday hopefully. 

Goodbye everyone!


Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hey everyone, I've been very busy so I have not been able to blog at all, but I will soonish (hopefully). I wanted to let you know that I tagged myself in some friend's pictures from Scotland and you should be able to see them, so check it out! Most of the pictures are from Edinburgh. Also good news! I have my own camera now, so for any adventures that I go on in the future (if there are any), I will bring my camera (if I can remember). SO GET (moderately) PUMPED.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Scotland! (Part I)

Hello Everyone!

I just returned from Scotland! It was my "Long Study Tour." The purpose of the tour was to see how elements of my core course (Positive Psychology) are being implemented in the real world, but also to give the students time to hang out with each other and to get to see another country.

The trip started on Monday with a flight to London and then to Edinburgh. The flights weren't that bad (had to be at airport at 9:30 so I did not have to wake up super early) but we did have a somewhat hectic layover in London as we had to wait in long lines to get through security and customs again in order to be able to move around the UK. I did nothing else but go from one gate straight to the next and I only got there with literally 3 minutes to spare. Anyway, we got to Edinburgh and went to our hotel (Holiday Inn Express). After getting settled, we went on a walking tour of the city (which was really cool) and then had dinner at a bar. The city was extremely pretty. The architecture was very old and gothic and there were some amazing old buildings and churches. The city has some very interesting history and stories as well (too many to share).

Also, for those of you who do not know (I did not know before going), Scotland is part of the UK and has its own parliament. It has recently (2009) passed some legislation with the intention of improving overall mental health in Scotland, which is part of the reason that Scotland was our destination for the long study tour.

Anyway, we then went back to the hotel and I went out with a few friends for a drink at a pub (a very Scottish thing to do). I went back to the hotel early as my roommate was getting together with a friend who is studying in Edinburgh. My roommate was named Asa and he is a cool and friendly person; he also likes to go out a lot (he went out 4 out of  the 5 nights in Scotland).

On day two, we woke up and went to the PlayField institute in Fief for our first academic visit. The institute is designed to cater to children in both psychiatry and therapy. The institute is also designed to assist and provide workshops for anyone who interacts with children, whether that be parents, or teachers, or psychologists working with children. The institute invites people to do workshops and not charge the institute that much so that the institute does not have to change locals who want to take advantage of the workshops that much. In general, it sounds like the institute has been very successful and has been able to provide a large number of workshops and information to the people in Fief, and Scotland. I think everyone in my class enjoyed the visit which consisted of a lecture, lunch, and then some activities related to positive psychology. (If anyone is interested and wants more information about the institute and their work related to positive psychology, go to

After that visit we got back on the bus and went to the Glengoyne Distillery which is an old distillery located right on the border between the lowlands of Scotland and the highlands. By the way all of these bus rides took us through the very pretty Scottish countryside which was filled with rolling hills and roughly 5 billion sheep. Anyway, we got to try a few different types of whiskey of very high quality (and alcohol content). I was not the biggest fan but some people enjoyed them (and got drunk). After that we went to a lodge on Loch Lomond and had a fancy dinner. It was dark so we were unable to see much of the Loch (but we went back on another day) so we just had a nice dinner. We then went back to Edinburgh, it took about two hours and I had some good talks all the way back. I went ahead and went back to my room while Asa went out.

So that was the first two days of my adventures! They were fun and there is more to come in the future! I know everyone at SU is on their Fall Break, so enjoy your time off! I'll talk to everyone again soon!