Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hey everyone!

So as you all should know, I've been in Copenhagen for a week and a half now and I've been urged by a few people to create a blog... so here it is. So far Copenhagen has been a very cool city. The people are all very nice (mostly). The city has like a million cafes and shops that I have only begun to explore. My classes have so far proven to be very interesting (and challenging). Yeah... I'll say more interesting things in the future I just wanted to get this deal started for now. But I'd love to hear from all of you and/or answer any questions, so if you're wondering anything or wanting to hear more about something I did (or whatever) just let me know and I can talk about it more! (Is that how this works?) Also I have no camera otherwise I would post pictures as well. Oh well! Talk to you again soon!



  1. What is it like without a bubble shield in Europe? Do they all look at you strangely? What is your favorite place you have been so far? Are there nice churches? WHAT IS COPENHAGEN KNOWN FOR CULTURALLY

  2. What the hell is a bubble shield?!

  3. Do you like long walks on the beach and poetry and moonlit dinners? Are there dragons in Copenhagen? Why was this labeled as "awesomely sexy?" Are there any cute twelve year-old boys there? Are you nervous about UPCOMING RIVAL BLOGS???